2024 Fashion Colour Trend Predictions

2024 Fashion Colour Trend Predictions

The start of a new year is always exciting in the fashion industry.

We’ve looked at what’s been HOT on the catwalk and share below the big industry leaders’ 2024 fashion colour trend predictions.


Pistachio, lime, and emerald are said to be big contenders this year.

It’s no surprise because green is traditionally associated with positive vibes. Its serene tones generate a comfortable and peaceful energy, and we’re excited to see it return to our wardrobes this year.

Styles well with: white, pink, blue and yellow

Our favourite green pick that’s in stock right now has to be the Sassy Blanket Stitch Blazer.


Another point for the pastels – powder blue is reckoned to be dominating the fashion world this year. Followed closely behind by its ‘hue-sister’ navy.

ALike its fellow ‘green’ candidate, the notion that blue represents nature (think the sky and the sea) means it too has a calming and serene power.

Choosing to wear blue this year can be emotionally empowering – there’s a reason, after all, why most pilot uniforms are navy. It’s a colour that evokes trust and confidence.

Sounds like a pretty good option all around!

Styles well with: white, light pink, caramel, and deep reds

Our favourite light blue pick right now is a Bri Spring Blouse, and our favourite navy pick is the Ribbed Stretchy Leggings.


Not just for Christmas and parties, silver is thought to stick around this year!

A fancier version of its ‘grey’ sister, silver dominated the catwalk recently and showed it deserves to be around for longer than a couple of months a year.

Gentler than gold, it boasts a feminine energy and the sensitivity of the moon.

There we go again with the focus on nature for 2024. There is definitely a pattern emerging!

More confident than regular grey, silver is said to boast grace and elegance. So, if you want to add an extra level of sophistication to your outfits this year, then the best bet is to stick with silver.

Styles well with: black, light pink, grey or teal

Our favourite silver pick right now is a beautiful Hearty Silver Chunky Necklace

It seems this year, there’s high confidence in the pulling power of nature – with everything that’s been happening in the world recently, I’m sure we’ll all appreciate a little bit of tranquillity thrown into our lives! And what better place to start than with our clothing.

What colours are you hoping to embrace in the coming seasons? Let us know in the comments below.

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