5 ways to boost confidence when you’re a plus-size woman

5 ways to boost confidence when you’re a plus-size woman

Since the Greek gods strutted their finely chiseled torsos with confidence and finesse, our society has been OBSESSED with body image.

For some reason we romanticize these polished images of perfection. It’s no wonder really, it’s all over our media – emblazoned on our TV screens and pushed in our faces with each glossy magazine article we consume.

But in the last few years, society has really started to take notice. In plain terms, we’ve started to ‘wake up’ to the realization that not EVERYBODY is destined to have the same body shape (and why should we want to? – you don’t judge animals at the zoo for looking different even though the reality is they probably have EXACTLY the same diet and environment) So, let’s STOP body-shaming and embrace what we have – right now.

With years of conditioning though, it’s easier said than done. And so, in today’s blog we’ve put together 5 ways to start boosting your confidence – the LJ’s way….

Surround yourself with people who make you smile

There’s no surprise that we become influenced by the people we hang around with.

As Jim Rohn once said, ‘You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.’ If the people around you are critical, negative and self-loathing, then the chances are you will be too.

There’s a ‘tribe’ for everyone out there, and here at LJ’s we’ve tried to create a community of like-minded women who can share their experiences of being a plus-size girl in a modern world. If you don’t know how to start making new friends, why not come along and join our VIP Facebook group or engage on one of our Facebook live videos. It’s a great opportunity to meet other ladies who might be feeling exactly like you right now.

Invest in Yourself

You are the ONLY person that matters in YOUR life. There is only 1 of you in the entire universe, it is your responsibility to make sure you have the best existence you possibly can. Sometimes for women especially it can be a juggling battle between family, relationships, and work – it’s easy to get lost in all the distractions.

But making time for yourself should be your number one priority. It is not selfish; in fact it is as important as taking your vitamins or brushing your teeth.

Self-care is a true investment. Because if you feel better about yourself, the people around you will get the very best from you – and everything in general will feel better.

Sometimes ‘self-care’ can begin with dressing right. The perfect blend of clothing that will make you feel comfortable and confident is crucial.

On really bad days, try and make the effort to just spray a bit of your favourite perfume, pop on a fresh clean top and brush your hair. I promise that even the smallest acts of self-care can make a huge difference to your day.

If you need some help with putting outfits together that will compliment your body shape – please get in touch. We offer a one-to-one personal shopping experience both in store and online.

Take risks

Sometimes the fear of the unknown can prevent us from taking a risk. We might be scared to re-connect with a friend because it’s been so long since we spoke. Or we might see an animal print jumpsuit that we love but before even trying it we say “no, that won’t look good on me – it’s too daring” ….STOP…how do you know if you don’t try?

Now we’re not suggesting you jump into a tank full of sharks or blow all your lifesavings on the national lottery – but simple risks can sometimes be life-changing.

Take a risk – order that polka-dot coat, who knows? You might get hundreds of compliments! At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks, if you like it, then that is ALL that matters.

Embrace your curves

Face facts, you’ve got curves. You wouldn’t be reading this article if you didn’t. But you know what? Most women do! Very few of us are the ‘ideal shape’.

We all have our own unique and remarkable bodies and it’s really time that we started to embrace them.

Sometimes by analyzing and appreciating what we have got, can be the perfect starting point to loving your body.

Big breasts or a large bottom might make you think critically about your body. But for some women, those are ASSETS. In certain cases, people will even PAY money to get bigger boobs and a bigger bum.

Once you learn to appreciate them as assets, you’ll already become more body confident. Shape them up with clothes that look right and fit properly. For other areas that you might think are a ‘problem’ then just look to conceal them…The ‘right’ outfit will compliment you in all the right areas.

If you think you’re boobs look good, then flaunt them in a cross over top. If you love the comfort of leggings but are worried because your thighs and bum show cellulite, then go for a high low top that will look shapely from the front but still hide the right places at the back. It’s all about knowing what to wear. Again, if you need any help on styling matters, then why not watch our Facebook lives or book a personal shopping consultation?

Stop beating yourself up

Let’s be honest, we can be our own worst enemy. Our biggest critic and the main person that puts obstacles in our path is ourselves. If we’re in a low mood and look in the mirror, chances are we’re going to hate what we see.

Who hasn’t been getting ready for a night out only to sit on the end of the bed in a blubbering mess because we look ‘AWFUL’ in everything we’ve tried on?

(Even though we thought we looked ok in the very same outfit a few weeks before?)

In this instance, take a moment to reflect – go through the steps above and lastly before you even look at your outfit in the mirror, take a good minute to look at your face and SMILE – at first it might feel un-natural or uncomfortable, but just SMILE at yourself and remind yourself that ‘you got this’ that ‘you’re beautiful’ and that you’re just as wonderful as anybody else out there….

Thanks for reading, I hope this helps you on your journey of self-love.

We at LJ’s want all women to feel amazing

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