Accessorise This Autumn

Autumn clothing - Plus Size Women

We love the autumn collection this year with some gorgeous, bold colours and prints coming up, but sometimes we just need that little extra something to tie the whole outfit together.

Keep reading to find out some of Autumn’s top accessory trends of 2023.

Look At Me Earrings

I think sometimes we don’t really overthink about earrings unless we’re dressing up to go out, then you put on the good stuff, doll yourself up and get ready to go out, but putting on a bold pair of earrings can really make your autumn outfits pop.

A combination of different bold colours and shapes can make even a simple wardrobe winner like jeans and a top have its own unique personality.

This year, as well it’s not just double denim and leather jackets that are coming back into fashion it’s ear cuffs too! An added bit of glitz to really glam up your style.

Things To Watch

A bold bracelet really does add something to your look. Whether you want to be casual and chic or over the top and elegant. Even better is that there’s no right or wrong way to wear a bracelet! You can have fun with them, stack them up, mix and match, and do something a bit different to what you wear no matter the occasion.

If chunky bracelets aren’t your thing, but you still want some wrist bling, a beautiful watch is a great way to style an outfit this Autumn. A classic neutral watch to work with all different styles and colours, and it’s not just a style statement; it’s obviously practical too.

Autumn clothing - Plus Size Women

No Outfit Is Complete

We are obsessed with a gorgeous, patterned scarf! It’s an easy way to add some pizzazz to your clothes while keeping yourself cosy and warm when there’s a chill in the air. Not only for everyday wear, but there’s also a stunning range of luxury scarves to dress up even for special occasions such as weddings or throw it around your shoulders as a simple shawl. By picking a different colour scarf as well, you can incorporate more colours and personality into your outfit and easily pair it up with the same-coloured shoes to complete the look.

Autumnal Colours

Autumn comes with some beautiful block colours like Purples, Blues, Greens, and yellows. Now, you don’t want to overcomplicate your clothing, and big patterns might not be your thing, so a chunky necklace with another one of these autumnal colours for contrast means you can still have fun with it. For example, a mustard yellow dress with a magenta necklace can make for a truly royal combo.

And if you’re prone to getting cold and like to wrap up, add a stylish shawl with a bold statement brooch for such an easy and fashionable look.

Keep a look out for more of our gorgeous accessories coming this Autumn and winter, including super trendy cross-body bags 😉

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