Autumn Outfits

Layering Up Your Outfit

All Brits know that one thing you can never rely on is the weather.

You can leave home feeling confident that you’ve got your cosy jumper on, only to discover a few hours later that a chill has blown over and you really did need that coat after all.

So we believe the best thing to do is to have plenty of clothing layers available to yourself so you can peel one off or add one on just as soon as you feel the wind change!

Creating a Base

Every outfit has a core base that is the fundamental part of the look. Here at LJ’s headquarters, many of our staff start their outfit off with either a Nigella top, a ruched polo neck or perhaps a Lolita vest.

The fundamental essence of all these ‘base tops’ are that they are plain in colour, comfortable against the skin and at an affordable price.

So that’s your top half covered. Now it’s just a matter of choosing which pair of magic trousers you’re going for OR whether this time you’ll opt for a skirt or dress perhaps.

Depending on this, you may wish to layer your legs with a pair of tights or leggings (it’s entirely a personal choice).

Starting to Layer Up

Now the fun part really begins – once you’re happy that your base outfit looks great (because once you get indoors and take the layers off, you still want to look fashionable and chic), then it’s time to start adding the layers.

Here are 3 of our favourite layering combinations right now

  1. Smart but casual option = Nigella top + plain shirt + chunky knit jumper

For really cold days, there is nothing to stop you from adding a cardigan or coat/gilet to the mix.

On the bottom, we’d go for a pair of leggings – perhaps the plus size leather looks ones.

  1. Leesa’s favourite combo = Ruched polo neck + Sophie soft knit + plain scarf

This is an everyday winner and popular amongst many of the LJ’s team members.

The look works well with any pair of magic trousers – the plain ones, the distressed ones and even the camo ones.

  1. Girly style = Ruched polo neck + wrap dress + wrap over cape

This works really well for when you want a smart but comfy look. The website has a great choice of plus-size wrap dresses in various colours and styles. Most of these would work well with the layering options suggested. On really cold days, we’d also add a pair of tights or leggings to this option.

Keeping the Chills at Bay

Any of these looks can be finished off with a cardigan, cape, and again with a gilet or coat – the key is to layer with as many pieces you can whilst still remaining comfortable.

So that’s pretty much all you need to know! Simple right?

If you need any help choosing what layering pieces would work well for you – don’t hesitate to book a personal shopping experience with either Sally, Leesa or Karen. These are available in person at the boutique OR online via video call.

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