Be Budget Beautiful

Be Budget Beautiful (New Year)

How to put together a fashionable wardrobe on a shoestring

With the economy hitting a slump recently, most of us are being more mindful with our spending habits. Although new clothing isn’t as essential as food and household bills, it is still considered a staple part of our lives. In some instances, what you wear can have a huge impact on your daily life and mental health. With that in mind, we don’t want anybody to sacrifice ‘looking good’ because of financial obstacles.

Here are our top tips to creating that ‘rich girl’ look on a ‘frugal girl’ budget.

Take Stock

The first thing is to take stock of what you already own. Pull out your favourite key pieces and work out why you love them so much. Could you perhaps utilize them more? Could you make smaller purchases this year that will simply complement what you already own?

The start of a new year is a perfect opportunity to declutter your wardrobe. Anything you haven’t worn for a long time (or that doesn’t fit) should be put away to make space for what you actually need. Either take them to the charity shop or try selling them on sites like eBay or vinted.

When everything you’re left with is what you love, then you’ll be less overwhelmed when choosing an outfit next time.

Capsule Pieces

Most fashionistas will talk constantly about ‘capsule pieces’ and there’s a good reason for that. By having a base root of key pieces available to you, you’ll be able to maximize what you own and be able to make the best use of your clothing.

Capsule pieces might include – plain shirts, vest tops, jeans, a leather skirt, and a neutral blazer.

Once you’ve chosen your capsule pieces, make sure they’re readily available to you by putting them at the front of your wardrobe or in the most accessible drawer. Because from now on these are going to be your most prized wardrobe possessions.

Splurge when necessary

Although the whole point of a budget wardrobe is to save money, sometimes it’s worth thinking seriously about what you’re buying. If something has a high price tag it could mean that the materials, it’s made of will be more enduring. Looking at how long you think an item will last you is crucial to your pocket and the environment. Sometimes it’s better to spend £100 on a coat that will last you 10 years, than £40 on a coat that will be gone by next winter.

When you are ‘splurging’, choose pieces that will not only stand the test of time but will also remain fashionable in a few years. For that reason, it’s best to go with plain solid colours and avoid anything patterned or embellished.

There’s nothing wrong with plain

Moving on from our last point, by steering clear of heavily patterned designs you can ensure your piece of clothing will be.

  1. Easier to pair up with other items you own.
  2. Still be in fashion in a few years’ time.

To avoid the risk of being completely boring, however, there’s nothing wrong with adding a little pattern to your life. Just ensure you do that with your more seasonal or cheaper selections.

If you’ve followed the guide above, then you know that it’s OK to buy that ‘animal print blouse’ as a little treat – because it will be ok with your capsule pieces – your pair of plain jeans and simple black blazer.

Designer Inspired

If you love the designer look but not the designer price tag, then you’re a true LJ’s girl at heart.

Throughout the year we would like to bring to you a range of high-quality products that look and feel as good as their designer counterparts but at a budget cost. From handbags to scarves, from jumpers to dresses – we can help you achieve that luxury lifestyle look for less.

Taking care of your clothes

The most important thing to remember when running a budget wardrobe is TLC or tender loving care. Because the better we look after our things, the longer they will last us.

This is crucial for clothing. The aftercare you give your purchases can be the difference between them lasting 1 week or 100 weeks.

Be sure to check the inside labelling for any washing instructions and only launder them when it’s necessary. Each time you wash a garment, however careful you are then you are going to lose a certain amount of colour, perhaps a bit of elasticity and ultimately, it’s one step closer to being destined for the rag man.

By hanging your clothes up straight after you’ve worn them, washing on cooler and more delicate wash cycles, and handling them in a gentle manner you can improve longevity (and getting the most from your spending).

Look-out for deals

Although we try to keep our prices low all year round, you may notice that we run offers and deals throughout the year to help you save even more money on your clothes.

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Thanks for reading, we hope this helps you keep your fashion budget in order. If you have any tips for any of the other ladies reading this article, then please feel free to comment below.

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