Can plus sizes wear maxi dresses?

Maxi Dress - Plus Size Women
Don’t ever let your shape or size put you off wearing an item you love, however knowing these top tricks can help you get the most flattering look from your plus size maxi dress purchase.

What’s your height?

For ladies that are tall, a maxi dress can be a winning companion and often the best option to go for.
It will compliment your long legs and height. A maxi dress can be instantly elegant and is a great style of dress to choose to get the best from your height, regardless of your dress size.
For ladies who are on the shorter side, a maxi dress is best worn with a pair of heels. That way, you will get the full advantage of the long length style of the skirt. If you find heels a little too difficult to walk in, then perhaps go for a pair of wedges which will add length to your silhouette without the discomfort of walking in stilettoes.

Maxi Dress Styles for plus size women

Shape of the dress

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to fits of a maxi dress, and we’d recommend choosing a cut that works best for your figure.

Side split maxi dresses

– For example, if your legs are your best asset, why not go for a dress with a side split? Not only will it make movement in the dress so much easier, it will add a touch of elegance and help focus on your gorgeous pins!

Off the shoulder maxi dresses

If you love the shape of your neck and shoulders than a bardot style maxi dress is the answer! Not only do they give a sexy, casual vibe but they will take the focus off other areas of your body you may not love so much about yourself. A bardot will give focus to your head and neck. When choosing an off the shoulder look, you may want to avoid a big chunky necklace and prefer instead to opt for a chunky pair of earrings or even a delicate choker necklace for maximum chic.

Wrap over style maxi dresses

Our best selling shape, the ‘wrap over’ style maxi dresses are a great option for ultimate flattery. A cross over style top and elasticated middle will help accentuate the curves of your bust. The wrap over dresses usually also come with a waistband which you can utilise to shape your figure how you want. This is a great way of covering up a tummy in the most figure-friendly way.

Tutti Frutti Dress - Plus Size Women

Holidays and special occasions

A maxi dress can be the perfect choice for weddings, christenings, parties and vacations. By slipping into the right maxi dress you can automatically feel like a million dollars. It’s accentuating enough to give you a polished look whilst the length of a maxi can make you look more ‘dressed up’ – ideal for events and special occasions.

Top tip

Because of the length of a maxi dress, you may wish to add a long necklace to help elongate your body – it will not only add an edge of uniqueness to your outfit but also appears slimming.

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