Holiday Checklist

Get Ahead of the Game

Dreaming of blue skies, warm weather and fruity cocktails?

Before you jet off, let’s look at what we at LJ’s think are the TOP PRIORITY things to pack!

The Important Stuff

Before you start sipping that 6am gin and tonic in the airport lounge, get together a list of the most important things to take – we’re talking about tickets, passports, money and of course phone chargers! Once you’ve got all the boring stuff out the way let’s focus on the good stuff.

Travel Outfit

We spoke in our last blog about planning for the journey. If you haven’t seen this yet you can catch up here.

Holiday Basics

Let’s start with a few key pieces that we think are essential. Here’s what we’d pack:

For the Beach/Pool

Our favourite place to be is on a sun lounger, sipping a sangria and watching as the waves lap at the shore. It can be a perfect moment IF you’re prepared!

  • LJ’s Swimsuit a 2 piece version for sunbathing and a 1 piece version for the waterpark
  • Large Beach bag (essential for carrying suncream, towels and of course your favourite book!)
  • Beach Cover up (we are loving both the ‘California’ and ‘Bermuda’ kaftan for this
  • Sunglasses – go for one of these plastic styles during the day. (There’s nothing worse than hot metal on your face)
  • Towel, Flip Flops and wet wipes (ideal for wiping sand off your lip-gloss!)

Daytime Looks

Prepare yourself by looking at the weather report before you go. If you’re heading somewhere lovely and warm, here’s what we’d pack.

Evening Looks

It’s not often we have an excuse to dress up every night. So we like to make the most of it when on our jollies! No suitcase would be complete without these evening essentials:

  • 2 or 3 wrap dresses (a difficult task to choose our favourite, but we’d probably go for something colourful like the ‘Honolulu’ or a ‘Dotty’ that could be worn from day to night.
  • Couple of necklaces – we’d pack one multicoloured and perhaps a neutral one so we could mix and match with all our outfits
  • Wide leg trousers – the sunset nights would 100% be going in our holiday case. Loose and comfortable, these are dressy and perfect for hiding your legs from hungry bugs!
  • Dressy tops – choose easy to pack options such as the ‘Claudia’ or the ‘Faith’. We’d also be going back to those ‘Lolita vests’.
  • Phone/Purse holder – you don’t want to take the kitchen sink out when you’re exploring the local nightlife. With just enough room in the ‘Opula’ bag for a phone, cash card, room key and lipstick this is what we’d choose. It also boasts a handy wrist strap meaning you can carry it with ease.


Everyone will be different with what they pack ‘toiletry wise’ but we think you should make sure to include at least these:

  • Suncream and Aftersun (choose one with bug repellent to save space in your bag)
  • Make up – including waterproof mascara and a face cream with SPF
  • First aid (plasters, paracetamol, medication, bite cream, antiseptic cream and cleaning wipes)
  • LJ’s Glow (if you don’t tan easily then why not fake it?) take along your LJ’s tanning bundle and apply as and when you need a little extra bronzing. Please note this does not contain SPF and so you will still need your sun cream.
  • Travel wash – if you prefer to travel light and are happy to rotate your outfits then pop a tube of this in your case and get the most out of everything you take away!

And that’s pretty much where the packing would end for us. We’re sure you’ll have your own extras to add. We’d love to hear what you pack – let us know!

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