How to dress for summer when you’re plus size

Maxi Dress - Plus Size Women

There’s just something about the summer isn’t there?

Long nights, warm sunny days, and the promise of more outdoor events on the horizon. Surely these things alone make summer one of the most elite seasons of the year!

If you’re a curvy or plus size girl looking to embrace all the summer has to offer, then do it in style and comfort with our top tips on how to dress for summer when you’re plus size.

1. Dress for your shape

If you hadn’t realised by now, all our bodies are beautifully unique. The wonderful shapes and sizes they come in are as diverse as any species. So, the first thing to decide on is what shape you are. Consider your height, where your curves lay and what are your best assets. Then work from that. So for example, if your blessed with a good bust but prefer to hide your legs, then go for a wrap over dress that will maximise your cleavage but cover the rest of you.

If you don’t like the way your belly hangs, then ensure it’s covered with a plus size top that’s long enough. If in doubt, a dipped hem shape or high low design are flattering for most figures.

2. Wear it your way

Focusing on your shape again, choose pieces that will flatter you. An open jacket or blazer can work amazingly to shape your torso and looks great in both casual and smart environments.

If you’re wearing vest and shorts but the British weather turns, an open jacket can not only be practical but give you an extra layer of confidence.

Anything that pulls in your shape is also a winner for summer. You can find adjustable tie belts on many of our items including wrap dresses, jumpsuits and tops. Pull them in at just the right place and make the most of your beautiful shape.

Maxi Dress - Plus Size Women

3. If in doubt, choose stretch

Our best selling pieces in store are always the ones that offer some kind of stretch. With a stretchy fabric you can be sure of maximum comfort at all times. It also means that if your weight fluctuates, your outfit will still fit.

Anything in our ‘magic’ collection will offer an incredible 5 way stretch – we stock a fantastic amount of magic shorts and magic trousers in this range and once you’ve tried a pair, we’re certain you won’t look back.

4. Choose colours wisely

If you’ve spent time working out what shape you are, it’s also important to decide on what colours work best with your skin tone. The right kind of colouring can really make an outfit go from zero to hero. The best way to do this is to simply try on some of your favourite colours and see what looks best. Ask a friend to help, or if you don’t want to do that, LJ’s has a friendly online community where ladies share their fashion photos in order to get advice from each other. You can find the LJ’s VIP Facebook group here.
Maxi Dress - Plus Size Women

5. Accessorize

Once you’ve chosen your outfit now look at the accessories. If you’ve gone for a plain colour look then why not make it POP with a statement accessory? A vivid handbag, hat or piece of jewellery can make the look your own. Here at LJ’s we’re fans of chunky necklaces – they help centralise the eyes and make you look slimmer. How amazing is that!?

It’s also important to choose the right pair of shoes, invest in a good pair that will work with various outfits and you’re on to a winner. After all, the saying is “she looked great from head to toe….”

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