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Finding the best plus size jeans for women

All ladies deserve to find at least one pair of jeans they absolutely LOVE. A great pair can really boost your wardrobe and provide endless options for daytime, night-time and even special occasion looks.

Finding the best jeans for a curvy figure

Having curves needn’t impact your desire to get a great pair of jeans that fit just right. Here at LJ’s we have tried and tested each pair on our website to make sure there’s something for ladies sized 12-26. Our G-Smack collection offers the same stylish design you can expect from a pair of jeans but with the added bonus of STRETCH not found in regular denims. With a range of options to choose from, plus jackets to match – you can find our full G-Smack range over on our website.
Now you know we stock stylish plus size jeans, it’s time to choose the best jeans for a curvy figure that works best for you.

Plus size high waisted jeans

High waisted jeans are ON TREND right now, not only do they give you extra support around the tummy area, but they look great too. Unlike low rise jeans, a high waist pair means you’ll not need to keep pulling them up. You also don’t risk showing the world your ‘rear’ each time you bend over to pick something off the floor!
Personally, the high waist style is a no-brainer – it’s both practical and stylish and is one of our best selling styles.

Plus size mom jeans

Never has a mum looked so cool! All over social media right now, we’re seeing celebrities and influencers showing off their baggy mom jeans. A staple wardrobe piece that makes a casual look appear super trendy. Made to look like any mom’s favourite pair of jeans, they often come with a distressed look. The beauty of a decent pair of mom jeans is that during the day they can be teamed with anything. A simple hoodie and pair of trainers gives that perfect ‘school run’ look whereas you can also wear them with cute kitten heels, a band tee and blazer for a ‘hot date’ vibe.

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Plus size jeggings

All the look of jeans with the comfort of leggings.
If you love to live in leggings but sometimes want the look of a jean, then a pair of ‘jeggings’ is ideal. Usually with an elasticated waistband, they feature a stretchy material – making them more comfortable than regular jeans. Once you find a stylish pair of plus size jeggings you won’t ever want to take them off! Soon you’ll be wearing them for everything; around the house, supermarket shopping, nights out and even work (they look great with a shirt).

Stylish plus size jeans

Although we stock a wide range of regular looking jeans, we also have some super stylish ones too.
If you’re looking for a bootcut, a 60’s flare or an ultimate ripped distressed look, here at LJ’s we can find a stylish pair of plus size jeans just for you!
Our full collection can be found here. Remember it gets updated on a regular basis, so it’s worth signing up to our newsletter to find out when new lines come in.

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