Plus Size Kaftan – A Summer Staple

Maxi Dress - Plus Size Women

Closet Staple

If you’ve not got a kaftan in your summer wardrobe yet, then what have you been doing? Easy to pack, easy to style and easy to wear. A Kaftan is timeless and the silhouette is just classic, take a look through our collection of plus size kaftans.
Even if you’re not going away for your holidays this year it’s an effortless yet elegant cover over.
Day in the garden? Something like the Paradise Kaftan to keep your shoulders from burning but making you still feel cool and comfortable.
Quick trip out? Your kaftan can make a simple vest and shorts into a full fabulous outfit. Plus we know what English weather is like so an extra later to keep off that breeze is a must, but just because you’re a little chilly doesn’t mean you can’t still look great!

Maxi Dress - Plus Size Women

My Lovely Lady Lumps

Now kaftans always have a similar style & silhouette, the thing that makes them unique is their diverse patterns, fabrics & colours. So something that’s floaty, free really is perfect for ANY kind of shape and size. Any insecurities you’d like to hide a kaftan won’t hug to those bumps, bigger busted? No problem! Kaftans are very flattering in highlighting your features without being over revealing.
Want something that covers your hips but insinuates your waist, perfect! Try the Mamma Mia Kaftan with the drawstring middle to sculpt your shape.

Let’s go to the beach!

Probably the most popular place to wear a kaftan is…? The beach obviously! Take your beachwear up a level. Especially with Kaftans like the Alhambra featuring graceful broderie detail to really make your outfit pop. The lightweight materials will keep you staying cool while you get some sand between your toes. Paired with a pair on LJ’s Sunnies and you’re ready to go for a chilled out day on a sun lounger. Now we do fully believe that all bodies are beautiful and it doesn’t matter your size, shape ect, ect, but we know people get self conscious about some things, there’s always that little bit of yourself you’d rather hide away from others and being at the beach in your swimming cozzie brings out a lot of those insecurities. Throwing a kaftan on eliminates so much of that so your day isn’t spoiled.

Maxi Dress - Plus Size Women

Ready to hit the streets

When you are on holiday it’s not uncommon to spend most of the day on the beach or by a pool then wanting to go out for the evening. You don’t need to fill your luggage up with hundreds of different outfit options or even then waste hours getting ready. Kaftans are stylish, trendy and can definitely be dressed up!
Slip on a pair of wedges or even nice sliders, add a bit of jewellery, like a chunky and bold coloured necklace to really set the outfit off or some bangles for simple boho vibe: And you are ready to hit the town!
If you really want something special though there are those more luxury kaftans which are a whole different level of fabulous! A true glam going out style while still staying chilled on an evening.
The Wild at heart really is named well as the bold print is fun yet elegant, featuring a sequined detail and can be worn as a dress or tunic. A truly unique piece to make a statement, a perfect piece for a cruise that will surely make heads turn

So if you didn’t know about Kaftans before, you do now! A sure thing for any ladies summer wardrobe & suitcase. Make a statement, feel comfortable and most of all be happy and confident this summer!

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