Plus size office outfits that WORK for you

Working 9-5?

“Tumble out of bed and stumble to the kitchen, Pour myself a cup of ambition…” Dolly Parton
If you’re a 9-5 girl, aiming to start each day out as freshly as possible, then you’ll understand the importance of being confident. Choosing an outfit that’s right, is going to get your working day off to a great start.

The trouble is, sometimes it can be a challenge to know where to begin. Especially if you’ve just began a new career journey and do not know what the dress expectations are going to be. The job market is vast and each workplace will have it’s own etiquette on dress.

No longer is everybody working that standard ‘9-5’ Dolly Parton style, and so when choosing your ‘plus size work wardrobe’ it’s important to choose something that works best for you and the environment you’ll be in.

What image are you aiming for?

“You have to dress for the job you want, not the job you have” – Austin Cleon
It’s always nice to make a little bit more of an effort than expected, and people notice when you do. By simply adding a nice accessory – a scarf or a necklace to your outfit can really make a difference to your image.
So, whether you’re work environment is; casual, business casual or business smart why not take your outfit and ‘hutch it up a notch’ and see how much more confident you feel?

LJS Lounge Set

Comfortable Work Wear

Since covid, when many of us were working from home in our PJ’s – the ethos behind casual work wear changed. Many companies adapted their attitudes on uniform and have allowed their workers to wear something that feels more comfortable and personal.

But being comfortable and casual doesn’t mean you need to look like you just fell out of bed.
You still want to look like you’re making an effort.

The beauty of our plain magic trousers is that they can be dressed up with a plain white shirt or dressed down when teamed with a hoodie. Their elasticated waist and 5 way stretch mean they will feel just as comfortable as wearing a pair of joggers at home.

If you are still working at home but want to ‘level up’ from the dressing gown, then our NEW lounge sets are both comfortable and chic. Why not team it up with a plain scarf and you’ll be instantly ready for that next ‘Zoom’ call.

LJ’s Plain White Shirt

Made with curvy girls in mind, this classic shirt is ideal for dressing up or down. This absolute wardrobe winner will work for both casual and more formal times. Here are 2 looks you could try:
1. Casual – Layer one of our Aero knit jumpers over your white shirt and team with a pair of magic jeans
2. Business Smart – Add a sally blazer, a pair of plain magic trousers and a necklace of choice

Dress to Impress

Our popular ‘plus size wrap dresses’ are ideal for office environments. They’re comfortable to wear all day, flattering for curvy figures and sure to make your colleagues admire you.
If you want something you can wear multiple times, then opt for a plain colour like the ‘Elizabeth’ or ‘My Fair Lady’ and switch it up with different coloured scarves/necklaces to instantly refresh the look.
Another firm favourite is the LJ’s Kirsty dress – also plain in colour it’s longline shape makes it both elegant and comfortable to wear all day. Why not layer it up with a ‘Carly Cardigan’ for a cosy but smart vibe?

LJS Trousers


The options are endless here, our floaty ‘winter sunset nights’ offer a loose and comfortable look that adds an instant class to your outfit. Whereas the cord magics give off a traditional and formal look with added warmth. Failing that we have a selection of black and monochrome leggings that should fit most office etiquettes. All our plus size bottoms concentrate on style AND comfort, with elasticated waistbands.

Finish it off

No work is complete without the all-important bag. It’s something all us ladies need to carry our essentials, packed lunch, notepads etc. Look at our designer inspired TOTE bags – these offer ample space whilst also adding a layer of sophistication to your look.

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