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Autumn clothing - Plus Size Women

We love playing around with different clothes and colours and outfits, but sometimes we do realise how daunting this can be for people.
Throughout the years Plus size ladies may have been put down or discouraged, so we at LJ’s say no more!
We thrive on body positivity and making sure we’re all comfortable and happy in our own bodies, in whatever we wear. So this blog will be all about REAL plus size outfits, everyday clothing for curvaceous women and we will be proud, and positive and REAL.

Colour Combos

Now our Sally can throw an outfit together, and with the new Autumn range that’s no exception. She plays around with colours until she finds what works. Laying them out on the bed and adding pieces to it until she gets the outfit she desires.
This outfit is a perfect example of pairing some colour combos together with the khaki and tan and adding a bold print scarf to make the outfit really pop

Casual Day Out

We know Sally can pull some fantastic combinations together but we also LOVE to see what our ladies are wearing. Having you share you photos of your out fits of the day really does make us so so happy. So here’s some more examples of some real feedback and and true outfits of the day from our ladies.
An everyday casual look, a simple yet classic look of Magic trousers and a plain t-shirt brought together as a stylish ensemble by the Denim Jacket.
Autumn clothing - Plus Size Women

Daily Dress

Dresses aren’t just for special occasions, there’s no reason not to boast a colourful look anytime of the day. This Shona collard dress is not only a stunning design to help you stand out but the curved hem is flattering on your curvy body and it’s lightweight so you’re not restricted whatever you’re doing throughout the day. Finished off here with a pink blazer to match the pink edging and you’ve got yourself an outfit! Even though this is a stunning little summer look, I can’t wait to see this styled with a pair of leggings and a chunky boot in the Autumn!

Autumn clothing - Plus Size Women

Layer Up

Staying warm but make it fashionable, the last thing you want to do is find a fantastic outfit for the day and then it be cold and you need to cover up! Here you see a faux suede biker jacket that not only compliments the rest of the clothing but makes the outfit stylish and a fabulous fit.
Other plus size ladies may agree that finding a good biker jacket that works for us can be a tricky one. Well LJ’s doesn’t even just have one option, there’s several. With giving fabrics and flattering fittings as you can see in this photo you won’t look or feel restricted, the usual “normal” materials wouldn’t always be flattering on our figures but these faux suedes and stretchy leather look materials are a complete game changer.

The 3 B’s

Never dampen your shine be bright, bold and beautiful! This OOTD is a solid example of what we’re all about, bright colours and bold pattern and looking & feeling beautiful. The colours of the Whizz pop Dress are complimentary for their skin tone and blond hair then the twist knot in the middle which really enhances her shape.
Seeing these types of photos not only inspires us but other ladies too so we can be confident in our every day looks.
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