Plus size shirt dresses

Maxi Dress - Plus Size Women

Comfortable Fashion

There is nothing more important in fashion than being comfortable with what you’re wearing (In our opinion, anyway). There’s nothing worse than putting on your outfit, and it’s tight or itchy or hugging all the wrong places.

If you’re not already familiar with them, you should be. Shirt dresses are not only a comfortable option, it’s also stylish and easy to dress up or down.

Button It!

Obviously, wearing a shirt, you can have it buttoned up; this makes for more of a smart-styled outfit. Shirt dresses like the Fleur have properly cuffed long sleeves and a collar, also a flattering high-low shape so you’ll be fully covered at the back but still showing a little leg, so it’s elegant and dressy for a night out. Add on a little LJ’s Glow just to really show off your legs for a night on the town, and if you want to add a little extra shape, you can easily add a belt to accentuate your waist!

For a more casual look, check out the Afrika with rolled-back sleeves and a fun animal print; add a pair of trainers, and you’ve got a quick and easy day outfit without having to think too much and spend hours styling an outfit (we all know it’s easily done)

Open and Free

We love something with multiple uses! So, you don’t have to stop with just a dress. They’re shirts, and the buttons will undo, and you can layer up with these items. Now as much as we’re all dreaming of summer, this is England, and good ol’ UK weather is unpredictable. One minute it’s glorious sunshine; the next, it’s Gail force winds. So, by layering up, at least you’re a bit more prepared.

Shirt dresses will go beautifully on top of any outfit. Casual shirt and jeans, but you don’t want to lug around a big coat or jumper, add a stylish layer to keep the chill off and add a bit of character to your outfit. Then even add a blazer or coat on top of that; the stretchy shirt-like material isn’t bulky or too thick, so it can even work as an underlayer for those extra chilly days.

Maxi Dress - Plus Size Women

Holiday Helpers

Another great example is for those lazy, chilled beach days. Some of us curvier ladies aren’t always 100% comfortable strutting our stuff in just our swimming customers, so by adding this lightweight option; you can cover any insecurities while still looking FABULOUS!

Slip on a pair of wedges and do a couple of buttons, and you’ll be ready to jump from the beach to shops in seconds too.

Make Heads Turn

Now even though it sounds like a simple option and it can so easily be thrown into any outfit scenario, don’t think for a second LJ’s aren’t giving you the wow factor. You, Ladies, know by now we love bold and bright patterns, and even with the shirt dresses, you will make heads turn.

The Handbags & Gladrags shirt dress will give your wardrobe an Oomph with a bold and cherry pattern but that dash of denim to keep it very on-trend. Again, you can button it up to make it a statement item or casual and open it to just add to your outfit.

Wardrobe Must Have

Now these types of garments come around all year, the patterns and colours might differ slightly, but a shirt dress really is a well-rounded winner.

You may think it’s just a great holiday layer, but they really can be brought out on any occasion, even something a bit different for a job interview. Not only that, but simply add a pair of leggings, and they’ll be stylish all through winter too!

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