Women’s Plus Size Jumpers

Plus Size Jumpers

As we transition into the Autumn season, surely ‘jumpers’ are on every girl’s mind?

Soft, cosy and a dream to wrap up in on chilly days – popping on the right kind of jumper can feel like enveloping yourself into a warm hug. But choosing the right jumper for you is key – here is our style guide for choosing the best plus size jumper for your needs.

Soft Knit Styles

Whether you need an extra layer to venture outside in or just want the warmth and security that the right jumper brings, a chunky soft knit style must be our favourite.

Fantastic for layering over your current outfit, they bring a new depth to your look in an instant. PLUS, there’s no denying the extra warmth created by a chunky knit style! On trend every year, it’s an item all ladies should have in their wardrobe. Our favourites right now are the Aero, the Sasha and the Taylor. All are great for everyday wear and are versatile enough to wear with so many things.

Tip – Go up a size if you want a looser oversized look (this is VERY on trend right now).

Wearing a Jumper on a Night Out

There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t make your favourite jumper work for you on a night out. When teamed with a pair of sparkle & stripe magic trousers or PU leather look leggings and a necklace, you can make most of our jumpers worthy of an evening of revelry! Either opt for something plain like our popular ‘Aero’ or jazz it up and choose a jumper with a bit of bling. The ‘Sophie Sparkle’ is fantastic for this, and we had many customers last year opting for this plus size jumper for their Christmas parties.

What to Wear with your Jumper

This really depends on what look you’re aiming for. For lazy days at home, why not team up with a simple pair of joggers? If you’re heading into town to go shopping, we’d recommend a pair of boyfriend magic jeans – a combination that ensures you’ll stay warm but comfortable throughout the day.

Wanting something a bit more ‘chic’? Then our choice would be to layer your jumper with a lolita vest underneath and team it with a pair of PU leather look leggings. If you opt for a more lightweight jumper like our ‘Sophie safari’ then you could also add a ‘Sally ruched blazer’ for extra depth and style.

Wearing a Jumper to the Office

There’s nothing better to take your mind of a day’s work than cocooning yourself in a jumper. Wear it over a white shirt and you’ve got some serious ‘office chic’ going on.

You could then just add a necklace later and you’ve got a ‘NEW’ evening look to go straight from the office and out for drinks!

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