Yummy Mummy! LJ’s Breastfeeding & Maternity Range

Maxi Dress - Plus Size Women
LJ’s Ladies Boutique is proud to announce its breastfeeding and maternity range! A few months back, I (Tilly) had posted a photo in a London wrap style dress and a friend messaged to ask for more information. With the wrap style top and elasticated waist, she said how perfect it’d be. She’d just had a baby boy and would be breastfeeding. So then I thought, LJ’s has spent years finding the perfect clothes for gorgeous curvaceous women, so why can’t we do the same for beautiful changing bodies of new mothers?

After extensive research and here we are! A perfect range of clothing to keep new and expecting mums comfortable and effortlessly stylish right from pregnancy and all the way through to breastfeeding if they so wish.

Maxi Dress - Plus Size Women


So you’ve found out your pregnant and there’s a million things running through your head. It’s not the most important thing happening right now but eventually, you may have to think of changing your wardrobe. Now babies are wonderful and joyous but boy don’t we know babies are expensive!

The Yummy Mummy range hasn’t added any extra pound signs to the LJ’s clothing just because it’s a special collection. Like with the free sizing, the clothing will grown and shrink with your changing body. Nearly all of this range has drawstring belting and elasticated waist bands.

Which moves us on nicely…

Maxi Dress - Plus Size Women


The last thing you want when pregnant is to be uncomfortable, am I right? We’ve carefully selected items for our Yummy Mummy range to make sure you feel comfy and secure in your clothing. The magic trousers are a staple for LJ’s and the 4 way stretch is perfect for going up and down in sizes, now also available in shorts to stay cool.

Also wrap style tunic tops, again with elasticated waists, soft materials and a wrap front. Same as our wrap dresses in short and longer lengths. The wrap style is great for any breastfeeding mother. Back in the day, it was being swamped in big baggy t-shirts and hiding under blankets and towels just to stay discrete in public. Covering your baby as they eat the most natural thing in the world! Putting yourself in uncomfortable seating positions just to not flash the world as you do so. Now with our clothing you can simply just pull down the side you’re feeding from, keep the rest of your top on comfortably and pop that wrap back over again when baby is done. Baby isn’t warm under a cover and mum doesn’t feel too exposed.

Maxi Dress - Plus Size Women


Now we do know the last things you’d probably be worried about is looking good. Well now you don’t even have to try! We’ve been working with suppliers for new patterns and designs so you can effortlessly look good. The wrap dresses like the Kira are a whole outfit without having to spend hours piecing something together. Just because you’re curvier, doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous! We pride ourselves on putting women in gorgeous bright and bold clothing. Not only that, but you’ll have days when you want to stay home. You may be feeling exhausted and people want to visit, if you can relate to that then make sure to look at our lounge sets. These sets are super comfy but too luxurious to class as pyjamas. The Loris Lounge set for example means you can pop to the shops even with zero energy to dress up.

Maxi Dress - Plus Size Women

Get Involved

We’re hoping to keep growing the Yummy Mummy range and help lots of new mums with their changing wardrobes. If you yourself or someone you know if expecting or recently become a mother don’t be shy to get in touch to become apart of our affiliate scheme. This helps promote the maternity and breastfeeding collection whilst you can earn some commission on sales. If you work with breastfeeding support or baby groups let us know how we can help! Or if you can help us.

Contact [email protected] or [email protected] or message us on facebook

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