It’s OK not to wear black when you’re plus size

For years we’ve been told that black clothing is the best choice when you want to look slimmer.

And although it’s nice to choose on occasions, wearing it all the time can impact your mood.

According to ‘Vogue’ during an interview with Constance Hart – (the colour therapy expert), it was said that “black can feel like a security blanket” but it also has a “depressive quality”. For this reason, she tries to encourage everybody to add a little more colour to their lives (and wardrobe).

Start Small

If black has been your ‘go to’ option for years, then it can feel daunting to jump out of your comfort zone at first. If that’s the case we’d suggest starting small.

Wear your regular black outfit, but try jazzing it up with a colourful blazer. Specifically, one that focuses on bright colours such as red, royal blue or lime green which can give you a real POP.

Once you start to include colour more in your daily fashion choices, we’re confident that the mood boost it gives will make you want to do more.

Switch up the base

Another easy way to transition into a new colour palette is to go for something that’s in the same league as black.

Try switching your regular black leggings to something with a similar undertone.

Charcoal, Chocolate, or navy are all great choices to jump over to if you’re not quite sure what colour to trial out first.

By keeping your colour palette dark at first, you’ll still get the ‘slimming’ effect – but you’ll be venturing into new beginnings. Once you’ve become confident that other colours DO work, start to add more to your range.


As the old saying goes, “You don’t know until you try” and the same is true about fashion.

Make the whole process of trialing new colours an adventure. There are no set rules here.

What works for one woman may not work for another.

Try pastels, Try brights – match them together and try them alone. See what works with your skin tone and ultimately which you feel best in.

If you’re not sure what colours will go well together, then why not book one of our personal shopping experiences? We can talk you through what should match so you can feel confident you’re on the right path.

Get the right fit

Ultimately, it’s not the colour of the clothes but the fit that matters.

Wearing leggings that are too tight, or a top that feels too short on the belly is no good.

You’ll instantly find faults in your reflection and no doubt believe that you look awful.

If that’s the case, it’s not that there’s anything wrong with your curvy body. It’s just that you’re wearing clothes that don’t fit you.

Choose trousers and dresses that offer elastication, or tops with tie belts – all of these can help to pull in your unique shape and look more flattering.

Our free-size clothing makes it easier to find items that will fit you.

Simply choose the size bracket that you think you’re in and go for that.

If you need any help, you can get in touch with us!

Once you’ve found clothes that actually fit you, you’ll feel more confident and ready to add some colour!

We want you to feel good, vibrant, and happy with your plus size outfit choices.

Hopefully, this article will help as a starting point – but if you need any help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for some expert advice.

5 ways to boost confidence when you’re a plus-size woman

5 ways to boost confidence when you’re a plus-size woman

Since the Greek gods strutted their finely chiseled torsos with confidence and finesse, our society has been OBSESSED with body image.

For some reason we romanticize these polished images of perfection. It’s no wonder really, it’s all over our media – emblazoned on our TV screens and pushed in our faces with each glossy magazine article we consume.

But in the last few years, society has really started to take notice. In plain terms, we’ve started to ‘wake up’ to the realization that not EVERYBODY is destined to have the same body shape (and why should we want to? – you don’t judge animals at the zoo for looking different even though the reality is they probably have EXACTLY the same diet and environment) So, let’s STOP body-shaming and embrace what we have – right now.

With years of conditioning though, it’s easier said than done. And so, in today’s blog we’ve put together 5 ways to start boosting your confidence – the LJ’s way….

Surround yourself with people who make you smile

There’s no surprise that we become influenced by the people we hang around with.

As Jim Rohn once said, ‘You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.’ If the people around you are critical, negative and self-loathing, then the chances are you will be too.

There’s a ‘tribe’ for everyone out there, and here at LJ’s we’ve tried to create a community of like-minded women who can share their experiences of being a plus-size girl in a modern world. If you don’t know how to start making new friends, why not come along and join our VIP Facebook group or engage on one of our Facebook live videos. It’s a great opportunity to meet other ladies who might be feeling exactly like you right now.

Invest in Yourself

You are the ONLY person that matters in YOUR life. There is only 1 of you in the entire universe, it is your responsibility to make sure you have the best existence you possibly can. Sometimes for women especially it can be a juggling battle between family, relationships, and work – it’s easy to get lost in all the distractions.

But making time for yourself should be your number one priority. It is not selfish; in fact it is as important as taking your vitamins or brushing your teeth.

Self-care is a true investment. Because if you feel better about yourself, the people around you will get the very best from you – and everything in general will feel better.

Sometimes ‘self-care’ can begin with dressing right. The perfect blend of clothing that will make you feel comfortable and confident is crucial.

On really bad days, try and make the effort to just spray a bit of your favourite perfume, pop on a fresh clean top and brush your hair. I promise that even the smallest acts of self-care can make a huge difference to your day.

If you need some help with putting outfits together that will compliment your body shape – please get in touch. We offer a one-to-one personal shopping experience both in store and online.

Take risks

Sometimes the fear of the unknown can prevent us from taking a risk. We might be scared to re-connect with a friend because it’s been so long since we spoke. Or we might see an animal print jumpsuit that we love but before even trying it we say “no, that won’t look good on me – it’s too daring” ….STOP…how do you know if you don’t try?

Now we’re not suggesting you jump into a tank full of sharks or blow all your lifesavings on the national lottery – but simple risks can sometimes be life-changing.

Take a risk – order that polka-dot coat, who knows? You might get hundreds of compliments! At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks, if you like it, then that is ALL that matters.

Embrace your curves

Face facts, you’ve got curves. You wouldn’t be reading this article if you didn’t. But you know what? Most women do! Very few of us are the ‘ideal shape’.

We all have our own unique and remarkable bodies and it’s really time that we started to embrace them.

Sometimes by analyzing and appreciating what we have got, can be the perfect starting point to loving your body.

Big breasts or a large bottom might make you think critically about your body. But for some women, those are ASSETS. In certain cases, people will even PAY money to get bigger boobs and a bigger bum.

Once you learn to appreciate them as assets, you’ll already become more body confident. Shape them up with clothes that look right and fit properly. For other areas that you might think are a ‘problem’ then just look to conceal them…The ‘right’ outfit will compliment you in all the right areas.

If you think you’re boobs look good, then flaunt them in a cross over top. If you love the comfort of leggings but are worried because your thighs and bum show cellulite, then go for a high low top that will look shapely from the front but still hide the right places at the back. It’s all about knowing what to wear. Again, if you need any help on styling matters, then why not watch our Facebook lives or book a personal shopping consultation?

Stop beating yourself up

Let’s be honest, we can be our own worst enemy. Our biggest critic and the main person that puts obstacles in our path is ourselves. If we’re in a low mood and look in the mirror, chances are we’re going to hate what we see.

Who hasn’t been getting ready for a night out only to sit on the end of the bed in a blubbering mess because we look ‘AWFUL’ in everything we’ve tried on?

(Even though we thought we looked ok in the very same outfit a few weeks before?)

In this instance, take a moment to reflect – go through the steps above and lastly before you even look at your outfit in the mirror, take a good minute to look at your face and SMILE – at first it might feel un-natural or uncomfortable, but just SMILE at yourself and remind yourself that ‘you got this’ that ‘you’re beautiful’ and that you’re just as wonderful as anybody else out there….

Thanks for reading, I hope this helps you on your journey of self-love.

We at LJ’s want all women to feel amazing

5 Plus Size Jackets that are perfect for Spring

5 Plus Size Jackets that are perfect for Spring

As with most British seasons, the weather can be unpredictable and changing.

Spring is no exception. We all by now understand the importance of LAYERS for this time of year and nothing layers better than a spring jacket.

With the temperatures fluctuating, it can be hard for a girl to know what to wear.

One thing we believe all Spring wardrobes should contain is that all-important jacket.

And so, in this blog article we’ll be covering our top 5 jacket picks for plus size ladies.

The Denim Jacket

Like a reliable friend, a classic denim jacket will be there for you just when you need it most. It’s certainly in the ‘elite’ section of layering pieces and one contender that deserves a place in your wardrobe all year round.

With that in mind, it’s important to choose a denim jacket that is both comfortable and stylish. A ‘classic’ cut style will always be in fashion and is best for pairing up with most things in your closet.

Need something to slip over your sweater-dress? Use a denim jacket!

An extra layer required over your shirt in the office? Pop on your denim jacket!

Going ‘out’ but feel you might need something for the walk home? Denim jacket to the rescue!

The Faux Leather Look

Super fashionable in both 2022 and 2023, the faux leather (or PU) jacket is here to stay a little longer!

Whether you want a full on ‘rock chick’ vibe or just something to slip on with your jeans and jumper – like the ‘denim jacket’ the faux leather is it’s ‘funky’ cousin of layering pieces.

No longer reserved for just ‘The Fonz’ – it’s a staple piece that can instantly add character to a plain outfit and unlike it’s traditional leather counterparts, our versions are vegan-friendly and with a comfortable stretch.

The Cute Blazer

No longer reserved for just the office, the blazer has recently become a staple piece for many occasions. More lightweight than a regular coat, it’s contemporary cut means it works well for both the daytime and evening.

Our favourite springtime ‘blazer look’ is when it’s teamed up with a lace vest top and pair of jeans.

The Bomber Jacket

Short in length and usually with a zipped front, the bomber jacket is ideal for the transitioning seasons. Usually lighter than a regular winter coat, it makes easy work of keeping you weatherproof in springtime.

Perfect for casual weekend days, we love the bomber jackets when teamed up with a hoodie and pair of magic cargo trousers.

The Cosy Cardigan

Although some may argue that it shouldn’t be in the ‘jackets’ category, we disagree. The humble cardi is THE staple piece of ALL seasons and in spring it really holds the fort.

For plus size girls, the ‘open fronted’ cardigans are just perfect. They’ll ensure you feel warm and snug without the restrictions that buttons can impose (especially on ladies that are bigger busted).

Check out our selection and tell us which jacket you’re most excited to rock this spring in the comments below.

2024 Fashion Colour Trend Predictions

2024 Fashion Colour Trend Predictions

The start of a new year is always exciting in the fashion industry.

We’ve looked at what’s been HOT on the catwalk and share below the big industry leaders’ 2024 fashion colour trend predictions.


Pistachio, lime, and emerald are said to be big contenders this year.

It’s no surprise because green is traditionally associated with positive vibes. Its serene tones generate a comfortable and peaceful energy, and we’re excited to see it return to our wardrobes this year.

Styles well with: white, pink, blue and yellow

Our favourite green pick that’s in stock right now has to be the Sassy Blanket Stitch Blazer.


Another point for the pastels – powder blue is reckoned to be dominating the fashion world this year. Followed closely behind by its ‘hue-sister’ navy.

ALike its fellow ‘green’ candidate, the notion that blue represents nature (think the sky and the sea) means it too has a calming and serene power.

Choosing to wear blue this year can be emotionally empowering – there’s a reason, after all, why most pilot uniforms are navy. It’s a colour that evokes trust and confidence.

Sounds like a pretty good option all around!

Styles well with: white, light pink, caramel, and deep reds

Our favourite light blue pick right now is a Bri Spring Blouse, and our favourite navy pick is the Ribbed Stretchy Leggings.


Not just for Christmas and parties, silver is thought to stick around this year!

A fancier version of its ‘grey’ sister, silver dominated the catwalk recently and showed it deserves to be around for longer than a couple of months a year.

Gentler than gold, it boasts a feminine energy and the sensitivity of the moon.

There we go again with the focus on nature for 2024. There is definitely a pattern emerging!

More confident than regular grey, silver is said to boast grace and elegance. So, if you want to add an extra level of sophistication to your outfits this year, then the best bet is to stick with silver.

Styles well with: black, light pink, grey or teal

Our favourite silver pick right now is a beautiful Hearty Silver Chunky Necklace

It seems this year, there’s high confidence in the pulling power of nature – with everything that’s been happening in the world recently, I’m sure we’ll all appreciate a little bit of tranquillity thrown into our lives! And what better place to start than with our clothing.

What colours are you hoping to embrace in the coming seasons? Let us know in the comments below.

Be Budget Beautiful

Be Budget Beautiful (New Year)

How to put together a fashionable wardrobe on a shoestring

With the economy hitting a slump recently, most of us are being more mindful with our spending habits. Although new clothing isn’t as essential as food and household bills, it is still considered a staple part of our lives. In some instances, what you wear can have a huge impact on your daily life and mental health. With that in mind, we don’t want anybody to sacrifice ‘looking good’ because of financial obstacles.

Here are our top tips to creating that ‘rich girl’ look on a ‘frugal girl’ budget.

Take Stock

The first thing is to take stock of what you already own. Pull out your favourite key pieces and work out why you love them so much. Could you perhaps utilize them more? Could you make smaller purchases this year that will simply complement what you already own?

The start of a new year is a perfect opportunity to declutter your wardrobe. Anything you haven’t worn for a long time (or that doesn’t fit) should be put away to make space for what you actually need. Either take them to the charity shop or try selling them on sites like eBay or vinted.

When everything you’re left with is what you love, then you’ll be less overwhelmed when choosing an outfit next time.

Capsule Pieces

Most fashionistas will talk constantly about ‘capsule pieces’ and there’s a good reason for that. By having a base root of key pieces available to you, you’ll be able to maximize what you own and be able to make the best use of your clothing.

Capsule pieces might include – plain shirts, vest tops, jeans, a leather skirt, and a neutral blazer.

Once you’ve chosen your capsule pieces, make sure they’re readily available to you by putting them at the front of your wardrobe or in the most accessible drawer. Because from now on these are going to be your most prized wardrobe possessions.

Splurge when necessary

Although the whole point of a budget wardrobe is to save money, sometimes it’s worth thinking seriously about what you’re buying. If something has a high price tag it could mean that the materials, it’s made of will be more enduring. Looking at how long you think an item will last you is crucial to your pocket and the environment. Sometimes it’s better to spend £100 on a coat that will last you 10 years, than £40 on a coat that will be gone by next winter.

When you are ‘splurging’, choose pieces that will not only stand the test of time but will also remain fashionable in a few years. For that reason, it’s best to go with plain solid colours and avoid anything patterned or embellished.

There’s nothing wrong with plain

Moving on from our last point, by steering clear of heavily patterned designs you can ensure your piece of clothing will be.

  1. Easier to pair up with other items you own.
  2. Still be in fashion in a few years’ time.

To avoid the risk of being completely boring, however, there’s nothing wrong with adding a little pattern to your life. Just ensure you do that with your more seasonal or cheaper selections.

If you’ve followed the guide above, then you know that it’s OK to buy that ‘animal print blouse’ as a little treat – because it will be ok with your capsule pieces – your pair of plain jeans and simple black blazer.

Designer Inspired

If you love the designer look but not the designer price tag, then you’re a true LJ’s girl at heart.

Throughout the year we would like to bring to you a range of high-quality products that look and feel as good as their designer counterparts but at a budget cost. From handbags to scarves, from jumpers to dresses – we can help you achieve that luxury lifestyle look for less.

Taking care of your clothes

The most important thing to remember when running a budget wardrobe is TLC or tender loving care. Because the better we look after our things, the longer they will last us.

This is crucial for clothing. The aftercare you give your purchases can be the difference between them lasting 1 week or 100 weeks.

Be sure to check the inside labelling for any washing instructions and only launder them when it’s necessary. Each time you wash a garment, however careful you are then you are going to lose a certain amount of colour, perhaps a bit of elasticity and ultimately, it’s one step closer to being destined for the rag man.

By hanging your clothes up straight after you’ve worn them, washing on cooler and more delicate wash cycles, and handling them in a gentle manner you can improve longevity (and getting the most from your spending).

Look-out for deals

Although we try to keep our prices low all year round, you may notice that we run offers and deals throughout the year to help you save even more money on your clothes.

By signing up to our email newsletter you can be one of the first to hear when a price drop is happening, a sale has started, or a limited offer is running.

Signing up is completely free of charge and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Thanks for reading, we hope this helps you keep your fashion budget in order. If you have any tips for any of the other ladies reading this article, then please feel free to comment below.

How To Style That Sparkle

Tis the season! The Sparkle seasons! And at LJ’s we’ve got some stunning Christmas party outfits coming in. So now all you’ve got to do is style it ready so you can dance the night away, comfy, stylish & feeling fab.


This one isn’t too tricky, a beautiful wrap dress like the Brandi is pretty much a full outfit but you might just need to think how to keep warm. Add a pair of plain high waisted leggings to start, they’re better than normal tights due to the soft material and the thick waist band so you feel supported and comfortable.
Now you don’t want to take away from that sparkly dress but it’s Winter ladies, don’t make me tell you twice that, you’ll probably be needing a jacket. To keep it smart there’s ruched arm jackets which you can add a pop of block colour with a red or green, (keeping it Christmassy) or a classic black to not overwhelm the outfit.
You might want some a bit thicker to keep the chill off, or a little less formal but always keep that outfit trendy. We’ve got some beautiful plus size biker jackets like the California to finish your outfit off fabulously.


Just because it’s a party doesn’t mean it has to be a dress though. Choose something a little different with a pair of Glitterbabe sparkly wide leg trousers. These are full of sparkle, and once you know how are simple to style.
Let’s start with full blown sparkle! We love a stand out piece to make heads turn, put on a Glitz & Glam jacket for the ultimate sparkle and then add a block colour top to the ensemble to tie it together without going too OTT.
A none sparkly top is also the way to go, but with a little print, keep it in theme and try an LJ’s Exclusive Christmas T-shirt for a bit more of a casual look than full blown glam.
Or again, something a little different, a Cutie Pie Pussybow Blouse is very glam, paired with a fun pair of glittery trousers and some killer heels and you’ve got yourself an outfit!


Now the last thing on today’s styling list is a beautiful sparkly top, we’ve got plus size sparkly Lolita vest or Midnight Kiss top. Even a glittery top you can dress right up before you hit the town. PU Croc Leggings are classy and comfortable with plenty of stretch in case you want to treat yourself to an extra mince pie or two, add on a Dreams sparkly blazer for an extra layer and you have yourself a very trendy look perfect for parties, dinners or even the day itself!
Lastly, we know we always preach our big love of bright and bold outfits, but sometimes it’s just n to everyone’s thing. So a Christmas outfit, with some glitter but want a classic look, try the party skirt, a black pleat skirt with silver twinkle running through it, paired with a black sparkly Lolita and you’re ready for any festive season.

Find YOUR Style

The best part of clothing is getting to be creative and unique and having fun! Now this is sometimes easier said than done. You can get very comfy in a black top and pair of jeans, and there’s nothing wrong with that! But if the only reason is because you’re worried about pairing outfits and trying new styles for see what suits you, let us try and help.

3 Word Method

The three word method was created by New York fashion stylist Allison Bornstein. This is a simple and easy method to identify your personal style and figure out what your IS and what you WANT it to be. So pick 3 adjectives to describe for example Bold, colourful, comfortable.

Now you’ve figured out your 3 words every time you look at new items you can see if it fits what you’re looking for. So you can look towards items like the Pamela Cardigan

Mimic Looks

Sometimes you need to see an outfit on a body, and sometimes somebody else being brave and trying an outfit you like can give you the confidence to try too, or even the validation that the combination works!

Find some of your favourite influencers or even groups like our LJ’s VIP page to find inspiration, like what to pair with a Rebecca Ruffle Polo . Then things like Pinterest are great for mapping out or exploring ideas. Even just scroll through their Instagram, and try and piece together some outfits from items you already have and replicate their way of styling.

Mood Board It

Places like Pinterest are fantastic for finding styles your love and different colour combos and laying them all out on a virtual mood board. It can be just for you, get inventive and creative put things together you enjoy but might not normally combine and just see how it looks. You might be surprised with what you find.

Step Out Your Comfort Zone

When looking at yourself and your own personal style, you have got to remember, it’s meant to be fun! Clothes are such a big part of your life and you might not even realise it, you have to wear them every day (or get some funny looks), enjoy creating your ensemble.

Even if you try something you don’t like, it’s ok! It’s not permanent and now you’re a little closer to knowing what you DO like.

You can start of small, if you always wear neutral colours, add a patterned scarf. If you wear a lot of black, add a bright coloured top. You can add gradually and piece things together.

And it doesn’t have to cost a fortune, figure out what’s in your wardrobe, start with what are your base items so trusty pair of leggings or jeans, a jacket that goes with most your day looks then where can you add in those pops of your uniqueness and your style and end with a wardrobe you’re proud to own.

Check our LJ’s Ladies Boutique Social Media pages (Faceebook, insta, tiktok, pinterest) and  daily lives for more fashion inspiration & always feel welcome to ask us for ideas or

Step into the Sparkle Season

Autumn clothing - Plus Size Women

As we enter the final months of the year and November greets us with the promise of festive charm, you may wish to start planning those Christmas outfits!
With the LJ’s sparkle season launch now in full swing, we take you through some easy ways to make 2024 your most FASHIONABLE Christmas yet.
We believe in making the most out of everyday Christmas activities – it’s the one time of year you can really go ‘ALL OUT’ and nobody batters an eyelid – so with that in mind, let’s run through some TOP Christmas activities and how us LJ’s girls would make them more stylish.

What to wear for Christmas Shopping

Whether you’re hitting the high street with determination, or leisurely strolling through Christmas markets with a mulled wine in hand – it’s often the first opportunity to wear some festive cheer.
This time of year can be chilly, but when you’re popping in and out of shops you can soon warm up!
We’d choose an outfit with LAYERS for Christmas shopping. A pair of comfy magic jeans teamed with a thin polo jumper will give a versatile base layer. Then simply add another jumper for the middle layer. Right now, we’re all falling in love with the Tasha fur gilet. This cosy sleeveless coat will give you the freedom to move around effortlessly in warmth.
PLUS it looks ‘the part’ –
get ready for hot chocolate poses by the market tree!

Autumn clothing - Plus Size Women

What to wear for the work Christmas lunch

If the boss has suggested the whole team enjoy lunch out to celebrate Christmas, you might be looking for an outfit that’s festive, but smart enough to wear around the office beforehand.
Our choice here would be a dark pair of magic trousers or leggings, teamed up with a glamorous blouse. Our collection of blouses and shirts for curvy girls includes some stunning options – with pussybow details, sparkling finishes and flattering high low shapes there’s some great options. You’ll be going from desktop coffee to lunchtime margarita faster than you can say ‘Chrimbo’.

Autumn clothing - Plus Size Women

What to wear for the BIG Night out

Whether it’s a work thing, a family get-together or a full ON Christmas ball – we’re sure to have something to suit your style. Nothing says ‘Christmas Party’ quite like sequins – and here at LJ’s we’ve sprinkled them on almost everything this year!
If you’re ready to make heads turn, opt for a sparkly wrap dress (the Glitzy is our favourite this year)
Trousers more your thing? Our Tinsel Tess Jumpsuit set offers a complete look with full on sparkle! What’s more, both these options come in a generous size range – best fitting ladies up to size 26.

Autumn clothing - Plus Size Women

What to wear on Christmas Eve

If the night before Christmas is your time to cosy down in-front of the tree and binge on your favourite movie, then we’re on the same page!
Our top choice for the perfect Christmas Eve at home would involve one of the LJ’s comfy lounge sets – The Elizabeth, The Hush, The Velvetise and the Chillax are all of incredible quality and perfect for settling down in. What’s more, because they’re plain in pattern, you’ll be able to wear these long after Christmas time – an investment piece for sure!

What to wear on Christmas Day

Although it’s going to be a sad moment when you climb out of your lounge set, do not fear – this is Christmas Day and magic does happen!
For the most indulgent day of the year, it has to be a pair of magic trousers. With their incredibly comfortable (and stretching) elasticated waistband you can say ‘yes’ to that extra mince pie without haste. What’s more they look just like a regular pair of trousers whilst being as comfortable as a pair of PJ bottoms. Their comfortable elastic means you can stretch around the kitchen and loll around on the sofa with ease. But what to wear on top? It just has to be one of the LJ’s Christmas tops! For those that feel the heat, choose one of our hand-designed festive T-shirts – or if long sleeves are your preferred choice – our soft and lightweight Christmas jumpers will do just the trick.

And that’s it. That is what Leesa, Sally and the team will be wearing this Christmas
Now to think of New Year…….

Accessorise This Autumn

Autumn clothing - Plus Size Women

We love the autumn collection this year with some gorgeous, bold colours and prints coming up, but sometimes we just need that little extra something to tie the whole outfit together.

Keep reading to find out some of Autumn’s top accessory trends of 2023.

Look At Me Earrings

I think sometimes we don’t really overthink about earrings unless we’re dressing up to go out, then you put on the good stuff, doll yourself up and get ready to go out, but putting on a bold pair of earrings can really make your autumn outfits pop.

A combination of different bold colours and shapes can make even a simple wardrobe winner like jeans and a top have its own unique personality.

This year, as well it’s not just double denim and leather jackets that are coming back into fashion it’s ear cuffs too! An added bit of glitz to really glam up your style.

Things To Watch

A bold bracelet really does add something to your look. Whether you want to be casual and chic or over the top and elegant. Even better is that there’s no right or wrong way to wear a bracelet! You can have fun with them, stack them up, mix and match, and do something a bit different to what you wear no matter the occasion.

If chunky bracelets aren’t your thing, but you still want some wrist bling, a beautiful watch is a great way to style an outfit this Autumn. A classic neutral watch to work with all different styles and colours, and it’s not just a style statement; it’s obviously practical too.

Autumn clothing - Plus Size Women

No Outfit Is Complete

We are obsessed with a gorgeous, patterned scarf! It’s an easy way to add some pizzazz to your clothes while keeping yourself cosy and warm when there’s a chill in the air. Not only for everyday wear, but there’s also a stunning range of luxury scarves to dress up even for special occasions such as weddings or throw it around your shoulders as a simple shawl. By picking a different colour scarf as well, you can incorporate more colours and personality into your outfit and easily pair it up with the same-coloured shoes to complete the look.

Autumnal Colours

Autumn comes with some beautiful block colours like Purples, Blues, Greens, and yellows. Now, you don’t want to overcomplicate your clothing, and big patterns might not be your thing, so a chunky necklace with another one of these autumnal colours for contrast means you can still have fun with it. For example, a mustard yellow dress with a magenta necklace can make for a truly royal combo.

And if you’re prone to getting cold and like to wrap up, add a stylish shawl with a bold statement brooch for such an easy and fashionable look.

Keep a look out for more of our gorgeous accessories coming this Autumn and winter, including super trendy cross-body bags 😉

Plus Size OOTD

Autumn clothing - Plus Size Women

We love playing around with different clothes and colours and outfits, but sometimes we do realise how daunting this can be for people.
Throughout the years Plus size ladies may have been put down or discouraged, so we at LJ’s say no more!
We thrive on body positivity and making sure we’re all comfortable and happy in our own bodies, in whatever we wear. So this blog will be all about REAL plus size outfits, everyday clothing for curvaceous women and we will be proud, and positive and REAL.

Colour Combos

Now our Sally can throw an outfit together, and with the new Autumn range that’s no exception. She plays around with colours until she finds what works. Laying them out on the bed and adding pieces to it until she gets the outfit she desires.
This outfit is a perfect example of pairing some colour combos together with the khaki and tan and adding a bold print scarf to make the outfit really pop

Casual Day Out

We know Sally can pull some fantastic combinations together but we also LOVE to see what our ladies are wearing. Having you share you photos of your out fits of the day really does make us so so happy. So here’s some more examples of some real feedback and and true outfits of the day from our ladies.
An everyday casual look, a simple yet classic look of Magic trousers and a plain t-shirt brought together as a stylish ensemble by the Denim Jacket.
Autumn clothing - Plus Size Women

Daily Dress

Dresses aren’t just for special occasions, there’s no reason not to boast a colourful look anytime of the day. This Shona collard dress is not only a stunning design to help you stand out but the curved hem is flattering on your curvy body and it’s lightweight so you’re not restricted whatever you’re doing throughout the day. Finished off here with a pink blazer to match the pink edging and you’ve got yourself an outfit! Even though this is a stunning little summer look, I can’t wait to see this styled with a pair of leggings and a chunky boot in the Autumn!

Autumn clothing - Plus Size Women

Layer Up

Staying warm but make it fashionable, the last thing you want to do is find a fantastic outfit for the day and then it be cold and you need to cover up! Here you see a faux suede biker jacket that not only compliments the rest of the clothing but makes the outfit stylish and a fabulous fit.
Other plus size ladies may agree that finding a good biker jacket that works for us can be a tricky one. Well LJ’s doesn’t even just have one option, there’s several. With giving fabrics and flattering fittings as you can see in this photo you won’t look or feel restricted, the usual “normal” materials wouldn’t always be flattering on our figures but these faux suedes and stretchy leather look materials are a complete game changer.

The 3 B’s

Never dampen your shine be bright, bold and beautiful! This OOTD is a solid example of what we’re all about, bright colours and bold pattern and looking & feeling beautiful. The colours of the Whizz pop Dress are complimentary for their skin tone and blond hair then the twist knot in the middle which really enhances her shape.
Seeing these types of photos not only inspires us but other ladies too so we can be confident in our every day looks.
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