Girls Night Out – Plus Size Styles

A night on the town?

Is there anything better than knowing you’ve got a girl’s night out organised with your besties?

Our lives are all hectic, and the opportunity to gather together for a few hours without the boys can be soothing for the soul.

Are you the type of person that texts your friend the day before to ask them what they’re wearing? You don’t want to look too dressed up but also don’t want to look like you’ve made no effort at all.

There’s a fine line, but we’re here to help you choose a ‘Girls night out’ look that ticks every box whilst suiting your personal style.

What type of person are you? Maybe our guide below will help you choose a look that will work.

Outfits for the busy mum

If you’ve been juggling the children all day and are short on time, then the best option is to choose something that you can throw on in just a few moments. A complete outfit that requires no thought process. For this, we’d recommend one of our jumpsuits or a wrap dress – both great options for covering the ‘mum tum’ whilst ensuring you look absolutely fabulous. Layer up with one of our leather look jackets instead of a coat for a chic look.  

Outfits for the working woman

Going straight from your desk to meet the girls in town? Sounds like you need something that you can add a necklace to and get an instant evening look. If this sounds like you, then why not try a pair of the wide-leg trousers – these come in both plain (Winter Sunset) and sparkly (Party Nights) – they’re incredibly comfortable but smart and sassy too. You could then team these up with a Lolita vest and a Sally blazer – an option that would work for impressing the boss AND turning heads at the bar. There’s a whole host of colour options on the website, depending on your style.

Outfits for the laid-back look

If dresses aren’t your thing and you feel most happy when in your joggers and a hoodie, then choose something that’s similar but with a bit more ‘edge’ – a pair of double distressed magic jeans or magic combo trousers will keep you in your comfort zone whilst also making you feel different to the everyday. Team this up with a Sophie sparkle jumper or something a little more glam like the ‘Allure’, and you’ve got a winning combination.

Outfits for those that love to go ‘ALL OUT’

Most of us know that one person that would dress up for the opening of a can of beans. Always armed with a bagful of lippy and looking for any excuse to look their best. If this sounds like you, then a night on the town is the BEST time to pull out all the stops. Why not go for something with a bit of SPARKLE – one of the sparkly tops would be fabulous – try our Sparkly Sally Jacket or Sparkly Lolita vest. But if that doesn’t happen, then any of the WRAP dresses would be a great option to dance the night away in.

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2 thoughts on “Girls Night Out – Plus Size Styles

  1. I don’t get out that often so when I do I love to get dressed up, my last night out was PU leggings and the red Laurie tunic/dress with the California jacket, I felt amazing, I love this blog and all the ideas for dressing up, thanks again LJs xx

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